New snow avalanches on Saddle Peak

New snow avalanches on Saddle Peak


A snowboarder triggered a shallow avalanche (estimated 4-6 inches deep) on Saddle Peak in the new snow. The slide was as the snowboarder dropped off "Quarter Saddle" and a second pocket propagated above him as he traversed out of the first slide

Another slide was seen from the highway in Argentina Bowl. This slide appears to be a shallow soft slab that ~50 ft wide and ran ~500 vertical ft.

From IG: Some people got something to run long off the south peak. People were center punching Argentina and north saddle without consequence, but the wind slabs were generally dense enough to propagate but not so dense that they weren’t easy to trigger.

From IG: Sent attached screenshot and video.


Bridger Range
Location (from list)
Saddle Peak
Observer Name
Ian Hoyer